What is GHA Token?
GHA Token is the unique, native digital asset built on top of the TRON chain with future plans of crossing over to the BSC and SOL smart chain. Main goal of the GHA Token is to invest in the future of one of the most rapidly expanding decentralized industries in the world: the hemp industry. GHA token is the first step by the GHA team to showcase their creation to the world.
How is GHA Token defined?
1. The GHA team regards GHA Token as a payment tool, with the purpose of using it in transactions on our future trading platform that will be built to vertically integrate the industrial chain.
2. 25% of tokens will be burnt, 30% locked by GHA and Organization, 2% for airdrop, and the remaining will be allocated for GAMEFI.
3. GHA Foundation plans to use 20% of its profits every year to repurchase Tokens in circulating supply and maintain a total of only 20% in market circulation!
4. The repurchase will ceased once there’s only 20% balance of GHA tokens circulating in the market. Then, through the blockchain technology, 20% of the profits will be distributed to the holders of GHA. This is what defines GHA Token as a cryptocurrency and equity to holders.
Where is GHA Foundation?
GHA Foundation is registered in Singapore.
What is GHA Foundation?
GHA is an entity company engaged in vertically integrating the industrial chain through combination of the blockchain, diversified development of NFT and a variety of GameFi. We have recently registered a branch entity "GHArt " to develop the GHArt NFT exchange platform.
Who’s behind GHA?
GHA is headquartered in Singapore, with affiliate partner companies located in China, United States and Hong Kong. While branching out from Asia, GHA Foundation has global ambitions and a strong vision, aiming to become a global leader in the hemp market, especially blockchain-driven hemp innovations.
What makes GHA amazing?
Many crypto projects attempted but failed to solve the problem plaguing the hemp sectors. GHA ecosystem incorporates precision farming, farmland mapping, Internet of Things sensors, vertical farming systems, intelligent traceability, crop management software, and other agricultural technologies with distributed ledger technology (DLT) and blockchain farming technologies in agriculture. We can potentially improve the efficiency, transparency, and bridging trust throughout the hemp-agricultural supply chain. The use of blockchain technology in the agriculture supply chain will empower all market participants by establishing trusted connections between them. Blockchain technology will provide the solution required and restore consumer confidence in the largely uncontrolled hemp sector.
In online terms, GHA holds an unique perspective in building a distinctive hemp industry with a huge variety of GAMEFI、NFT and NFT farmland.
Why does GHA belong to Web 3.0?
GHA is an innovative Foundation dedicated in creating and pioneering ground breaking advancements in the global industrial hemp market with the integration of blockchain-based solutions such as digital assets, non-fungible tokens (NFTs), smart contracts, cryptocurrency-focused games and many more.
What is GHA trading platform that’s meant to vertically integrate the industrial chain?
GHA is an entity that aims to build a S to B to C trading platform that combines blockchain technology together with virtual environment. From our farmers at the top of the supply chain to the consumers at the bottom, all users will be able to legally utilize GHA TOKEN in online purchases. Delivery of goods to consumers will strictly adhere and comply to the domestic laws and legal system of where the consumer is located in. This is one of the many plans we have made to enter the metaverse.