Blind box activity tutorial
Please use your mobile phone to purchase
1.Please open with your phone TokenPocket (TP) wallet or TRONLINK Wallet, IMTOKEN and other Tron Wallet apps.(Here is an example of TP wallet)
2.Click the Discover button
3.Use Your Wallet Browser and Dapp to enter the URL
4.Enter the purchase blind box page,Click to buy
5.Input quantity (Please make sure if TRX is enough to pay the gas fee, A blind box consumes about 1-5 TRX)
6.Enter the wallet password and confirm
7.The payment is successful, click OK
8.Go to the blind box page I opened, open all blind boxes
(Please be sure to open the blind box, otherwise you may not be able to obtain assets and cause losses)
9.Enter my NFT page, you can see the blind box purchased